Employment (Back End) / Pre Employment Verifications

Employees are the face of any organization and hence, affect the company’s brand reputation directly. On top of it, the right employees have a positive influence over customer satisfaction and the company’s balance sheet. It is hence imperative for employers to seek employee background check services to build a secure workplace environment, while ensuring that their workforce is comprised of employees who have the right skills and fit the organization’s culture and values.



Identity verification of all individuals (employees, candidates, vendors and visitors) quickly and in a reliable manner, is of paramount importance.


Why do Employment Check?
Employee background check assures you of the professional experience a candidate claims to have for the role you want to hire him for.

Any difference between what a candidate stated and Crescent Careers verified in dates of joining or leaving the previous company could mean a serious integrity issue and usually calls for a deeper probe before hiring.


Why do Education Check?
The top roles within any organisation require candidates with very particular and credible educational qualifications. The responsibility delegated to these roles is extremely high as well. This is precisely the reason why verification of educational qualifications is extremely important. There have been many instances in the past where candidates have lied about their educational qualifications just to apply for a lucrative role within an organization. In addition to that, candidates usually do certificate courses from top international colleges and project them in a way that the employer believes that they have done a marquee program instead. Verification of educational documents is hence the only way to uncover the truth.

Key Validations
Education verification should hence be performed on those qualification(s) of the candidate that were ‘mandatory’ for him/her to get the job that he/she has been offered. Some aspects / antecedents that we authenticate during education background check are:

• Roll No./Registration No. of the candidate
• The course pursued/passed by the candidate
• The year of course completion
• Genuineness of pass certification
• The affiliation and accreditation check of the institute/course


Why do Address Check?
The physical address is usually the first place an organization would look for an employee in case of adverse happenings. So it’s important that the address related information of employees stored in your records is accurate, more so in context of countries like India where there is no address repository per se.


Why do Professional Reference (Advanced) Check?
A professional reference check can validate your hiring decision. However, biased references may also lead to a bad hiring decision. The right attitude is a must-have to qualify for a job at your workplace. Many professional references have revealed ‘lies’ that candidates tell to grab their dream jobs. It is essential to know if the candidate has the professional capability and the right attitude before hiring; without being deceived by a secondary reference provided.

Key Benefits
Crescent Careers conducts advanced professional reference checks by researching primary references on our own. Our research team conducts due diligence from primary and secondary references through telephonic verification. The candidate’s integrity, performance and abilities are validated with the concerned HR department as well.

Some aspects/antecedents that we authenticate during reference check are:

• Who is the current employer of the professional reference provided?
• What is the candidate’s relationship with the referee?
• What was the candidate’s duration of association with the referee and previous employer?
• What is the referee’s rating on the candidate’s Professional Skills?


Why do Police Verification?
The job market in India is witnessing a boom. Not only people from rural areas are moving to urban areas for a better job, but the Indian market has also attracted a lot of foreign nationals to pursue their career.

In such an environment, it can be a challenge knowing who is genuine and who isn’t. The safety of other employees in the organisation is at stake if a criminal record verification is not conducted. A police verification service can help corporates unearth any skeletons in the prospective hire’s closet, thereby saving them from making a terrible mistake.

When it comes to police verification, a criminal record verification can help management know if a candidate has a criminal history and whether he/she can be trusted or not.

Rise in technology has made it easy for individuals to fake their identity and pretend to be someone they’re not. The sequence of incidents involving fake documentation, forged signatures and false promises of jobs, marriages and college seats have left everyone shaken.

Police verification can help individuals and organisations eliminate these threats by understanding if the person they’re in contact with is worthy of trust or not. Using various checks such as litigation database check, criminal record check, court record check; police verification can help us get a bird’s eye-view of the person we’re having inspected.

Key Validations
We, at Crescent Careers, conduct police verification to ensure that your candidate doesn’t have a past criminal record or an FIR lodged against him/her at any specific address. This can be done using two modes:

• Through a law firm
• Through our in-house team